Mobile App Development

Our Mobile App Development Expertise

We are not just a mobile application development services provider, rather we are your mobile application development partner. At Brainoviq we cover it all from ideation and inventio to a successful product launch because we are having a highly qualified and experienced team who are having great quality of solving-problems, they are highly result-oriented and help you to give mobile applications of your need.

Our services are used by many successful startups who were facing difficulties in scaling their business to many of our enterprise clients who utilised our expertise in developing business critical operation and strive to streamline the workflow and ultimately integrate many functions into various seamless patterns, and in turn all this increases their productivity in business operations.


With more than ten years of development experience, we are here at Brainoviq with a team of highly experienced professionals who are excellent in developing mobile applications and enrich user experience and easy to manage it. We provide services to help you in managing your mobile apps. Take a look at the versatile list of diversified industries we provide our excellent services when it comes to development.


Our Exclusive Design

We believe that user experience is the prominent factor for an application to get adopted among the society. An elegant design and logically providing the features at the correct position enriches the quality of application. Our exceptionally qualified designers are highly committed to provide exclusive designs for applications to provide better user experience and win the customer's trust in you.

Powerful Structured Code

Our well defined structure and refined code base provides a lot of reusability of app components and enhances data flow within the application. As we continuously research on various types of sectoral needs, which leads us to define various robust structures as per most industrial segments.

Easy and Adaptable Interface

We know very well that the goal of an application can only be achieved if it has an elegant interface which is easy to use and quickly adopted by a large number of users. So considering that we develop the best interactive mobile application that is worth every penny you spent in its development.

Our Mobile App Development Services

iPhone App Development

How and what is used to deliver that makes it possible to meet the expectation and convert your glorious ideas into a world class app, for that we do have those magical skills with us. With an extensive top class experience in iPhone application development, we are the experts in doing it for you that you are looking for.


iPad App Development

Responsiveness and adaptability along with excellent skill to develop applications to meet the needs of a niche. We do really feel great by saying that we are having enormous experience in application development, we are really fabulous and have that expertise that you are looking for to develop high quality iPad apps.

Android App Development

If you look into the most recent data to compare Android users as compared to it’s second competitor, then you will notice that Android is far ahead in the race. This clearly tells that Android is the most in demand technology of these days. We elegantly like to announce that we are the best service provider who have huge command and experience in this technology to meet all your needs.


Web Application Development with AMP support

We have seen that nowadays most of the people is having Mobile devices in their hands and they are more comfortable to do quick search from there, however, few of the legacy web application are slow in performances, so to solve such problem, we provide our experts services of developing/revamping there application in modern technology and implement AMP [Accelerated Mobile Pages] to give quick search results.

Mobile Game Development

When we think about the gaming app, we think about each and every pixel of the device to be utilized so precisely such that it gives the ultimate gaming experience. We think that an app should engage a player and perfectly use the keys to run it smoothly. So make a choice now and let’s create a new game together and hit a bang in the gaming industry.


Cross-platform Hybrid Mobile Apps

When it comes to cost effectiveness and developing robust mobile applications for cross-platform as in for both Android and iOS devices including their sub segments like TV, DOM and more. Nowadays, we have many options to develop cross-platform apps using React Native, Flutter, Xamarin and more, which ultimately improve productivity and reduce development cost. We provide our extraordinary services with the help of a highly skilled team to develop cross-platform apps.

Our aim is to help, assist and advise different businesses to take advantage of these modern mobile technologies and stay up to date in this new era. We at Brainoviq, are highly qualified professionals with many years of experience in providing mobile application development services and modernize your business approach to make your business future ready. So do not wait for anything, collaborate with us and meet all your business goals.


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