Internet of Things

IoT Application Development

IoT is the future, by connecting our smart devices with the help of the internet and other connection protocols, the quality of life will be improving to the next level. We are, and will be surrounded with all sorts of intelligent embedded devices around us to make our life easy, secure and sustainable. The Internet of Things [IoT] ecosystem made up of web-enabled smart devices that use embedded systems, such as processors, sensors and communication hardware, to collect, send and act on data they acquire from their surroundings. IoT devices share the data of sensors and connect with IoT gateways which ultimately send the data to the cloud or servers, which then process the data to be analyzed and perform corresponding actions locally or globally. Many times, these devices communicate with other supporting devices and perform tasks based on the information sent to them by another device. These devices perform most of the work without human intervention, and send corresponding reports to the cloud, although we can interact with them and operate them to perform certain tasks based on the instructions given.


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IoT Application Development

These days IoT development can be improvised in many ways and we are associating them with various supporting stacks like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to help them in making data collection processes easier and more dynamic and ultimately synthesis it to perform various modern operations.

What are the benefits of IoT to an organizations

IoT solutions open up a lot of opportunities and several benefits for organizations. Some of those are industry-specific benefits, and some are applicable among multiple verticals of the industries. Some of the common benefits of IoT to the business are:

Help to monitor business processes :

  • Help to monitor business processes

  • Track and Improve the customer experience

  • Diluting tasks to devices help in saving time and money

  • Enhance employee productivity and accuracy

  • Help in deploying and Integrating to adapt business models

  • Bring various information that help in making better business decisions and in generating more revenue


Some of the unique facts about IoT

Generally, IoT is being used abundantly in manufacturing industries, transportation sector and utility organizations, which make use of various sensors and different IoT devices; however, in emerging scenarios, we are finding IoT in various use cases which are adopted by various organizations including processes in agriculture, infrastructure and home automation. In this way some of the leading organizations are turning the wheels toward this new digital transformation.

What are usages of IoT

IoT is having a lot of uses in various industries and domains. For example, nowadays farmers are using them in agriculture activities and it is helping them in making their job easier. Various sensors in different ways and locations are used to collect data which include humidity, rainfall, temperature and soil content, as well as many other factors that would help them to automate farming techniques.


What are IoT Ability

IoT is helping in various ways as it has some outstanding abilities to monitor various operations surrounding the infrastructure. There are many types of sensors which are used to perform various operations on any kind of triggered events, for example, we could use them to monitor various events or changes happening while building bridges, structural buildings, and other large infrastructure. It keeps an eye on various factors and prompts the information to us, which brings many benefits with it, such as time saving, cost reduction, improvement in quality-of-life and making an automated paperless work environment.

Apart from this, home automation is utilizing IoT a lot in their business to monitor and manipulate various mechanical and electrical systems in the home. On a larger scale, as we are moving toward developing smart cities, IoT can bring a lot in improving the lifestyle of citizens and can help to minimize wastage and lower down energy consumption.

Now, IoT is touching every industry and sector which includes businesses within finance, healthcare, manufacturing and retail.

Our aim is to help, assist and advise different businesses to take advantage of these modern technologies and stay up to date in this new era. We at Brainoviq, are highly qualified professionals with many years of experience in providing various services and modernize your business approach to make your business future ready. So do not wait for anything, collaborate with us and meet all your business goals.


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