Automate System and provide IT Solutions including Web and Mobile Applications along with Custom Software

We provide you with the Best, Optimized, Innovative and Customized Web and Mobile application IT solutions which transform and automate your business digitally on a single click of button. We are among the leading Web and Mobile Application development companies in the world.


We create unique experiences

Developing robust and qualitative applications is not only our strength but it’s our passion. We are committed to help our clients in building their vision for real world applications from scratch. We begin by understanding ideas that need to be developed, delicately incubating the ideas, segmenting the vision and dependencies, articulating the fragments, designing the architecture, developing applications, quality checks to give awesome user experience, and launching the app along with providing related service required after launch. We strongly believe in enhancing our customer experience to the next level by understanding their needs in detail. We know that apps are not just a distribution medium, so we help our clients to use the power of an application correctly and help them to create communication channels with their customers to understand their experience and needs while simultaneously meeting business objectives.

Our main goal and motto is to deliver high end applications with a very smooth customer experience and its functionality needs to be aligned with the company’s core business objective. We know deeply that a properly leveraged application can be a great evangelist for brands. We help companies in utilizing the leverage of their brand value by creating engaging applications. We offer services to improve brand visibility, increase customer engagement and utilise modern tactics for revenue generation that lead to customer satisfaction and hence outstanding customer experience.

Convert your idea to reality

We are a new generation software development company, having a broad vision to grow the IT industry to the next level. We are your technology partner who help you in converting your ideas into world class digital applications.

  • We Listen to you

  • We Understand you

  • We Build it for you


We develop it for you...

Putting together all your thoughts and customize all your problem by digitizing and automating it. We provide various kind of custom solutions using latest technologies and advance architecture design to cater millions of requests.

Web Applications

Interactive and Responsive Website Application Development

Android Applications

Robust and Qualitative Android App Development

iOS Applications

Competitive and Outstanding iOS App Development

Digital Marketing

Analytics, Strategies and SEO to improve your net revenue

Build your application without any hassle

  • Interactive and Responsive UI/UX
    Creating an easy, efficient, interactive, relevant, influential and responsive UI/UX design that helps our customers to achieve their goals and win their customers' trust.

  • Hasslefree Development
    With the help of our experienced and visionary development team, we ensure transforming your idea into a real world application.

  • Flexible Payments
    We never burden our client to pay for whole application development in one go, over that we provide flexible payment options like pay-per-hour, based on milestones or via long term hiring so that clients can focus more on their business needs.


Brainoviq’s Unique Values

Brainoviq – We listen to understand all your requirements.

We strongly believe that listening to the client’s requirements and expectations from the application comes first and we prefer it before providing any suggestion, solution or delivery to our clients. We always believe that our client and developer should be on the same page throughout the communication process.

Analysis, Prototyping & Pre-development Stage

We believe that making an application which exactly fits with your needs is certainly a very important and most crucial part of your business growth. So in order to achieve it we analyse the requirements in detail and do a lot of pre-planning, research and scope validations, which give a better idea to our client about investing in the application or improvising it to bang the cloud. After analysis, we move to prototype the application so that both of us will remain on the page with respect to design and functionality. With all this we also plan for scalability, visibility and versetialibility in technical terms and help our client to understand it for future road maps. This is the first stage of application development but it defines the foundation of the same.

Design, Development and Quality Check Stage

After defining the scope of the application we proceed to be more technical and dive-in to defining the architectural design of the application which include sequence of preparing flow-diagrams, relational diagrams, architectural design, scalability approaches and modern techniques involved. Once we are done with all basic planning we proceed to define the development tasks among team members and follow the Agile procedure to implement the same. All this goes through quality checks with each cycle of the Agile process to assure the highest quality application. We at Brainoviq Technology are a one-stop solution for any kind of application requirements.

UAT, Deployment and Post Release Support

Once the development phase is over we proceed to the User Acceptance Testing [UAT] phase and resolve the ambiguities, if found any, to provide better experience. Once that application is accepted by the client we proceed to deploy the application as required in the production environment. After this we also provide post application release support and maintenance services for the developed application which include software updates, data security, bug fixing and many more. We believe in taking the whole responsibility of the work done by us once the application development is over and provide post release support to all our clients in order to give them the best experience that they have never experienced before. We treat you in the same way we want to be treated to ourselves.

We provide you the exceptional services that we expect for ourselves

We believe that your business blossoms on the quality of your product that we provide you. If a product doesn’t meet customer expectations or it isn’t in line with industry standards, both of us lose. So we are highly committed in providing great products which are exceptionally high in quality and very cost effective all together. We provide our distinguishing service to you in the same we are expecting for ourselves.


Customer Satisfaction


Timely Delivery


Development Quality

Industries We Serve

We are having great exposure to various industrial wings. We have a dedicated team to work on different industries who themselves are experts in their own. They all know the in-and-out expected needs and resonance with client thoughts. We together build a team who are highly experienced with each industry and ultimately deliver high quality applications to the mass of people.

We created a set of Components that are dynamic and come to help you.

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